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What do we do

Avysh is a B2B channel commerce and engagement platform for Brands, Dealers and Distributors. Our solution offers partners tools to sell online, manage remote businesses and make the most with business-friendly rewards. The all-in-one platform helps brands manage their network of channel commerce and make data-driven decisions with valuable insights. Headquartered in Bangalore, our product helps businesses stay relevant in the new digital era, capitalise on a growing market and conduct business on-the-go.

OUr team

Tejas Sati,

Adventurous, exploratory and entrepreneurial. Built business in the field of early stage investments and sustainable building materials. Taking anything from 0 to 1 and building a team to take from 1 to n is a key strength. Crossed the English Channel in 2015 and an endurance cyclist too.

Keerthan Shetty,

Result-oriented professional with 15 years of diverse experience in various roles of sales, business development, ideation and setting up of new business verticals and managing business strategies and programs in a fast paced and high intensity work environment. Passionate traveler and a positive influencer with a desire to succeed and make a difference.

Nachiket H K,

Have worked with leaders in the construction chemical and engineering industries. Been part of setting up and establishing business operations from scratch. This included strategy planning, defining the sales/operational framework, building a team of professionals. Loves pets, have a flair to drive, currently learning nuances of agriculture.

Manoj Kumar,

Have a proven track record of success in Product & Software Development for over 18 years. Spent more than half of his working years in the Bay Area, California solutioning on Product Engineering and software from scratch for various verticals. Forrester mentioned, Has been part of many meetups and forums on Opensource. Loves blogging and more recently has taken up Marathons, Motor biking and aspires to paint.

Channel Commerce
for your Business

A channel commerce and engagement platform to organise your network of channel partners and equip them to conduct remote sales.

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