Make smarter decisions with insights on channel sales, products, and promotions

Channel sales analytics platform with data-driven insights on channel partners and end-customers

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Get Real-time secondary and tertiary sales data

  • Get a full view of your business with real-time data on channel partners and customers to make impactful decisions
  • Get granular data on channel partner performance
  • Deeper understanding of your end customers
  • Transparent information on the final selling price

Monitor real-time performance of your sales team

  • With performance data readily available, identify both, under-performers and excellent performers to reward or train.
  • Incentivise performers and motivate non-performers of sales team
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Hear it from our change-makers

"At first I didn't understand why I needed an online solution when I had a perfectly good physical store but I soon realised that my customers had already migrated to mobile-first solutions. We instantly realised the value a remote business management app can add to our business and there was no looking back since then."
Mallesh Gowda,
Sri Vigneshwara Enterprises
“What I like best is that I have all my products neatly catalogued and ready to be shared on multiple platforms. It's so easy for me to conduct business all over the country now. I can also manage all my orders in the back-end.”

Mikesh Porwal,
Shree Electricals

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How-to guide to retain channel partners


What is secondary and tertiary sales data?

Secondary data involves sales-related information from business generated by your channel partners. Tertiary data involves data about business generated by channel partners’ partners, usually retailers, who finally sell to the end-consumers.

Why is secondary sales data important for a business?

Accurate and real-time data on secondary sales can help companies optimise their distribution channels. Companies can make strategic, data-driven decisions on product planning, new product launches, inventory optimisation, marketing planning, and consequently deliver a better brand experience to its end customers.

How can a business capture secondary sales data?

A business can capture secondary sales data by implementing a channel sales analytics platform capable of delivering accurate and real-time information on channel business.

What are the benefits of Channel Sales Analytics Platform?

A channel analytics sales platform can help companies with real-time information on their distribution channels. With the data, companies can make informed decisions on product inventories, sales channels, sales resources, and optimise channel performance.

How to choose the best Channel Sales Analytics Platform?

The best channel sales analytics platform is one that provides - accurate and real-time information, one capable of scaling, offers extensive customisation, is able to integrate with your existing systems, and is easy-to-use.