B2B commerce platform designed to manage remote business

Organise your network of channel partners and equip them with tools to manage remote business easily

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Communicate on real-time basis with channel partners

  • Keep your Channel Partners updated on product related information
  • Update product prices instantly
  • Offer discounts and run promotions

Provide remote business management app to showcase products, transact and promote easily

  • Offer a neatly organised product catalogue
  • Enable digital transactions to conduct remote sales effortlessly
  • Extend promotions and offers to end-customers
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Hear it from our change-makers

"At first I didn't understand why I needed an online solution when I had a perfectly good physical store but I soon realised that my customers had already migrated to mobile-first solutions. We instantly realised the value a remote business management app can add to our business and there was no looking back since then."
Mallesh Gowda,
Sri Vigneshwara Enterprises
“What I like best is that I have all my products neatly catalogued and ready to be shared on multiple platforms. It's so easy for me to conduct business all over the country now. I can also manage all my orders in the back-end.”

Mikesh Porwal,
Shree Electricals

Help conduct remote sales efficiently

  • Enhance channel commerce with shareable product catalogue
  • Ease business with multiple platform integration
  • Accept digital payments

Provide a better buying experience to end-customers

  • Offer the convenience of all information in one place
  • Ensure transparency in information
  • Speeden check-out processes
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B2B Resources

How-to guide to retain channel partners

How-to guide to retain channel partners


What is B2B Commerce?

Simply put, B2B or Business to Business Commerce refers to the sale of products and services between companies.

What is the difference between B2B and B2C Commerce?

B2B commerce involves selling goods and services to other businesses. B2C commerce involves selling to individual consumers. The main difference lies in the usage - B2B companies use the goods and services professionally, B2C customers use them for personal use.

What is a B2B commerce platform?

A B2B commerce platform is a portal through which businesses can sell online seamlessly with other businesses. The platform could purely facilitate only online transactions or could be robust to involve key commerce functionalities that aid the overall operations.

What are the benefits of B2B Commerce?

The right B2B Commerce platform is one that will help companies scale, acquire new customers, increase brand experience, and deliver a seamless online experience to its customers.

How to choose the best B2B commerce platform?

While choosing a B2B commerce platform, you can evaluate solutions against - customer experience, scalability, responsive design, flexible prices, integration with other systems and customisation capabilities.